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Platter wave cedar skin


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Click here for details on the Sustainable Collection

The Sugihide series will be sold in limited quantities on the 10th of every month at 10:00. If the products are sold out, the next arrival will be at 10:00 on the 10th of the following month.なります。

& lt; Limited quantity sale & gt;
Since the Sugi bark series has a strong scent of naturally derived cedar bark, it is washed twice so that everyone can enjoy a better eating experience. I will deliver届けします。

Therefore, the number of sheets that can be sold every month is limited, and we will sell it in a limited quantity.ます。

Detail Detail

  • For the first time in ARAS, Sugi bark, which is a natural material, is used. The texture and expression of the wood unique to Sugi bark creates a unique warm texture and enriches the dining table.ります。

  • By mixing the cedar bark with a highly durable resin, it is a durable dishwasher that does not break even if dropped 1000 times.した。

  • Dishwasher bleach compatible応。BPA free。
  • Because it is durable enough to deliver with confidence、「Lifetime damage guarantee」Will be attached。
    Very durable material that does not have to be cracked or chipped If a crack or chip occurs, please send it to us and we will replace it with a new one free of charge.致します。
    ※Shipping fee will be borne by us as long as we continueます。
  • 30-day color change satisfaction guaranteeき
    We are aiming for a texture that fits in your hand as you use it as a tableware that you can use everyday, so we want you to pick it up first. Please try it first.試しください。


  • Color cedar skin皮
  • Size Diameter 275 mm Height 11 mmmm
  • Material PP (polypropylene) cedar skin杉皮
  • Producing area Japan本
  • Heat-resistant temperature 100 Cold-resistant temperature -20:-20℃

Handling precautions

  • Please do not put it near the fire。
  • Do not use in microwave ovenい。
  • When washing your hands, use a soft cloth or sponge and avoid using scrubbing brush powder.さい。
  • When using the dishwasher, do not place it near the steam hot air outlet or place anything on it. It may be deformed.あります。
  • There may be slight lines or irregularities on the mold due to the manufacturing method, but please note that this is not a defective product.ださい。

The Sugihide series, which is a sustainable collection of ARAS, contains about 50 Sugihide, which is a naturally derived material. The materials are different from the standard ARAS products, so please be aware of the following points when handling. Fortunatelyいです。

※This series has different grain expressions one by one, and the expression on the website and the expression of the product you receive are different. Enjoy the organic expression derived from nature.さい。

-For long-term use-
& lt; Before use & gt;
When you open the seal of the Sugi bark series, the scent of wood will drift first. Please enjoy the scent of cedar at the moment you open the seal.さい。
The scent gradually fades as it is used。

Please wash with kitchen detergent or dishwasher before useい。
If you are concerned about the scent, wash it with warm water and the scent will fade.ます。
Since the heat resistant temperature is 100 degrees, you can use it with confidence such as hot water in a dishwasher.ます。
In rare cases, naturally derived pigments may appear when washed, but there is no effect on the human body.せん。
※Also complies with the Food Sanitation Law。

& lt; Daily care & gt;
 If it gets scratched, it may cause stains and odor transfer. When washing, use a dishwasher or a soft sponge.い。
 When used in a dish that contains a lot of oil, the oil may soak into the plate and the pattern on the plate may disappear. If you want to enjoy the expression (pattern) of the plate for a long time, the dish that contains a lot of oil Please refrain from using it inいませ。

 There is a risk of scratches when used with metal cutlery. By using ARAS cutlery, you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.けます。

Please note that the microwave cannot be used.い。
※In the unlikely event that oil stains occur, you can prevent oil stains by wiping olive oil etc. with kitchen paper as in the case of maintenance of wood products. Please see the product details page on the ARAS homepage for a reference of the expression of the oil coating.ジをご覧ください。
If you are concerned about the facial expression after oil coating, please contact us.す。

This product uses a lot of natural ingredients, so the more you use it, the more its facial expression will change. We hope you enjoy the secular variation for a long time.いです。
In the unlikely event of damage, we will replace it free of charge with a lifetime damage guarantee.ます。

For those who want to enjoy it more easily and easily, we recommend products other than ARAS cedar bark.。
It is possible to exchange for other ARAS products within 30 days after purchasing the Sugihide series.す。
※The difference will be refunded.。

For those who are wondering about the Sugihide series and other ARAS products
For those who want to enjoy aging including more natural facial expressions and daily care, we recommend other ARAS products for those who want to enjoy the Sugihide series more casually from everyday use.す。

Click here for the classic platter wave

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