Strong, beautiful, shape.

Turning conventional wisdom upside down,
Materials, technology, and shape have all been rethought from the ground up.

We developed a new material that is a cross between glass and resin for long-lasting use.
The skilled Japanese craftsmen's techniques have realized designs that were difficult to express, and have created a new type of product that is both functional and durable.
An environmentally friendly form that enriches and enriches our lives.

A new type of tableware born from the fusion of advanced and traditional technologies.

Stronger, more beautiful, and more delicious food.

Using the latest 3D technology
Our skilled craftsmen have tested and tested again and again to ensure that
It makes food taste better.
We have reinvented a new form of tableware.


Appetizing Temperature

ARAS has carefully selected materials for its tableware so that food can be brought to the mouth while maintaining the temperature at which it tastes good to people.


Appetizing Colors

To visually spark more deliciousness in food, we examined the colors that most arouse the appetite. We compared different colors for each dining situation and prepared color variations that make food look tastier.


Appetizing Shape

We have also thoroughly researched the shape of the food to make it more palatable. We focused on materials that do not interfere with food in terms of smell or mouth feel, and developed cutlery with the thinnest possible edge, and platters with a wave structure that prevents steaming even when baked bread or other items are placed on it, and prevents food with sauce from running out across the entire plate. Translated with (free version)。

Lifetime Breakage Warranty

【Product Specifications】
Raw material resin / Saturated polyester resin (Tritan), GF (glass fiber)
Heat resistance temperature / 100℃ ・ Cold resistance temperature /-20℃
Made in /Japan

●Do not place near fire.●Do not use in microwave ovens, ovens, etc.●Do not use cleansers or abrasive sponges as they may damage the product.●When using a dishwasher, do not place the product near a steam or hot-air outlet or place anything on top of the container. It may deform the product. ●Please do not expose the product to strong light.●The product may have mold marks, slight lines, unevenness, etc., due to the manufacturing process. Please understand this beforehand.●If you use a sharp metal knife or kitchen knife on the plate, it may scratch the plate.●The terpenes or oils contained in citrus fruits such as lemon may cause discoloration.●If there is any oil residue from dairy products, etc., there is a possibility that the product will become cloudy after continued use.

【Warranty Policy】
●If the product is damaged, we will replace it free of charge as many times as necessary.●Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer regardless of the number of times the product is replaced.

●The following two items are required for replacement
Damaged product (piece)/warranty card
Free replacement is not available in the following cases
●If the damaged product cannot be identified / If the warranty card is lost / If the customer's name, address, and telephone number are not written on the warranty card, or if the information on the card is falsified / Since the warranty card covers cracks and chips, scratches, stains, deformation, wear, etc. will not be replaced free of charge.●Warranty cards are not reissued.●Warranty is valid only in Japan.●We cannot respond to inquiries from outside of Japan.●The warranty is a promise to replace the product under the conditions specified. The warranty does not limit the customer's legal rights.
*This service may be withdrawn at any time due to circumstances beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer.

【How to request a product replacement】
Please send the damaged product and the warranty card to our address. We will send back a new product.

*Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer.
*If you ship the product, please send it in your own bag or box.
*Please handle damaged products with care.

To ensure the longevity of your ARAS

Care Tips

This product is a new material combining glass and tritan resin. While highly functional in terms of durability and lightness, it may deteriorate if used incorrectly. We have compiled the following tips for washing the product, which we hope you will find useful.

Points to keep in mind before use

Washing with detergent will prevent stains. Use a soft sponge when washing.

To clean the stain, use a soft sponge.
Points to keep in mind when washing

Rinse with lukewarm water (30-40°C) throughout the entire season. Avoid leaving the foam on for long periods of time after washing, and rinse thoroughly. These are common to a variety of dishes, so please try to put them into practice.。

Once a week
Key points of care

Use of bleach is recommended. It is believed to be effective* in preventing color migration and removing viruses. *The material of this product is suitable for bleach and can be used repeatedly. However, please be careful when handling other tableware as it may cause damage.

We hope that ARAS will support your dining table for many years to come. If you have any questions regarding the handling of our products, please contact us at
info@arasjp.comThank you for your continued support of ARAS.


Sustainable Declaration

Address the environmental problems posed by single-use plastics.

Disposable plastic waste is a major environmental problem.
In recent years, the issue has been taken up.
Is plastic really evil as a material?

We have re-examined our environmental impact and
We have come up with one answer.

From "one-way production"
To "recycling-oriented production"

The products are made, and when they are used up, they go to waste.
This one-way system places a heavy burden on the environment.

We have reviewed all the processes involved in the production, use, and disposal of our products,
By maximizing the recycling of limited resources
We provide
Sustainable products with low environmental impact
Even if plastic is used.

Sustainable Cycle Mark.

Products bearing this mark are labeled as products that are made from a single material and can be cyclically produced, meaning that they can be recycled back into raw materials at the time of disposal.