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Large mug (320ml)


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  • It can be used in various scenes with a material that does not break even if dropped 1000 times.す。
  • Dishwasher bleach compatible応。BPA free。
  • The thinness realized only by the material of ARAS was extremely thin.た0.8mmThe thin mouthpiece of 0.8mm mug and the angle of fit make you feel comfortable from the moment you touch your lips, and you can fully enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee in your mouth.ただけます。
  • The characteristic handle is designed so that the behavior when you hold it looks beautiful. Enjoy a completely new coffee experience with a mug that pays attention to details such as the center of gravity and moderate weight and the roundness inside.ください。

  • Since it can be stacked, it fits compactly and does not take up width when stored.。
  • Because it is durable enough to deliver with confidence、「Lifetime damage guarantee」Will be attached。
    Very durable material that does not have to be cracked or chipped If a crack or chip occurs, please send it to us and we will replace it with a new one free of charge.致します。
    ※Shipping fee will be borne by us as long as we continueます。
  • 30-day color change satisfaction guaranteeき
    We are aiming for a texture that fits in your hand as you use it as a tableware that you can use everyday, so we want you to pick it up first. I will attach付けします。


    • Color Black White Gray Green Gray Pink Grayンクグレー
    • Large mug
      Size 110x83xh899
      Capacity 320mll
      Weight 150 gg
    • Material Saturated polyester (Tritan) GF (glass fiber)ー)
    • Producing area Japan本
    • Heat-resistant temperature 100 Cold-resistant temperature -20:-20℃

    Handling precautions

    • Please do not put it near the fire。
    • Do not use the oven。
    • You can use a microwave oven for the mug, but be sure to observe the following points when using it. It may be deformed.ます。・ Do not heat more than 2 minutes at 600w or less with more than half of the drink in the mug. Avoid heating in automatic mode. Warm without a lid. Please refrain from using. Please refrain from heating the range by yourself.温はお止めください。
    • When washing your hands, use a soft cloth or sponge and avoid using scrubbing brush powder.さい。
    • When using the dishwasher, do not place it near the steam hot air outlet or place anything on it. It may be deformed.あります。
    • There may be slight lines or irregularities on the mold due to the manufacturing method, but please note that this is not a defective product.ださい。
    • Tomato sauce Curry sauce Coffee and other pigments tend to transfer color, so if you use bleach when the color transfers, you can continue to use it cleanly for a long time.られます。
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