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デザートで華やぐARAS小皿スロープ。Restaurant L’aubeシェフパティシエの平瀬祥子さんによるファッショナブルな盛り付け。自分の「好き」は、気分を高めてくれる魔法。【前編】

aras small dish slope with a dessert. restaurant l'aubee chef patissier's fashionable seeds with hirase shoko. my "i like" is a magic that makes you feel better. [part 1]

aras journal periodically speaking to expand the use of aras at home and expands the width of we are talking with collaboration with mr.. this time, restaurant l'aube secca inc. secca inc. am. the new product's aras small plate slope, 4 type colored colored each of the type. this time is the first part.

"hirase shoko"

hotel new otani kumamoto to the cooking world. 2003 new year buddha. paris start training with the oldest patisserie store, 2 years later, in the suschev of patisserie pascalpino paris. eiffel toyo's chef patissier in toyo, restaurant, jurvern paris. 2011 an annual country. edition koji shimura, restaurant each chef patati. 2016 annual chef imabu kohei nakabashi and restaurant robe opening. 2018 year version ~ 2020 year version michelin one star acquired. 2020 award winner of go e miyo best patisser award.

" aras item "
"black" "white" "gray" "pink gray" 4 colored platform slope.

dessert to deliver landscape

mr. hirase's dessert is impressed each time. the flavor is a richness and depth that does not apply to the adjectives "sweet", and it is a experience that it is no longer the concept of "dessert". there is a surprise in the scented, fragrant, texture, taste, all, and there is pleasure. i'm glad i asked about the idea of ​​the idea and the ingenuity.

well, "how do you think of it?" however, my answer is very simple. "i went to see and there was there." try all things about the recipe. baking, frying, export, and ... ... , but the most important thing is to visit land. i will go to see the producer, listen to the voices, and watch the scenery, and i will pay natural and respect for the ingredients.

what is the feeling of what you are doing, or what kind of fertilizer is added, there will be a conversation there. if herbs grow next to the strawberry field, they will be a dessert that combines herbs from the comfort of that scent. seeing the scene that is growing beye next to the rose, looking at the combination. the scenery, scent, sound, and all of you feel. each one piece of each will be a three-dimensional taste.

landscape is delivered. heisose archives landscape as a dessert to archive the landscape by taking photographs by photographer. we are the same as piling the landscape to the bowl.

when you explain your dessert to your customers, you are working together as much as possible. "why did you make this dessert? it also includes the experience of having seen such a view. by adding knowledge, the taste changes.

when i actually worked on hirase-san, i received an explanation that "please eat to explore" for strawberry dessert . it is also a proposal because it is based on hirase's experience. a chain of having received an inspire from the voices of producers and lands is reflected in the swelling.

4 type of color aras small dish slope, respectively.

i thought from the color. the yellow of cheesecake and red cranberries were attracted. it is not a clear "red" of fresh fruits such as strawberry and raspberry, but a dry cranberry 's red'. of course, there is also good compatibility with taste. as the shape of cheese cake, only grilled color is visible, so if you make a cake and show a cross section, the color of the plate will take up. after that, "i hope you have a pepper" "let's add a little salt", and it is an image that will finish the cake with your own preference.

i felt like i wanted to drink winner coffee. since there was plenty of cream, it was soft, so i made a soft cream with sugar 7 %. from the top, the crushed walnut and scrimk 2 type. i would like to enjoy the cooked texture, but if that's it, the flavor of nuts is too strong. thinking of the whole balance, scrimked and scattered. when i ate, the flavor of the nuts is visited, and then the cream and chocolate thick taste are pushed.

i felt an artist and was aware of visual movements. there was a cheerful chef in the restaurant i worked in france. when he goes up, "ore is an artist!" mix red color flour on white chocolate and sprinkle bires like blood. the kitchen was dirty and hard, but his artist is impressive. when i put a source from there, i also became boldly felt like an artist. 1 there is no movement just by filling the caramel chocolate for a person. if so, it is an idea to play with the source.

halloween timings were drawn on macaroons and delivered as souvenirs to repeater customers. at first i drew a picture of halloween, but it became a race pattern, and i became likely to draw a pattern to the customers who gave it from there. if you think "this person, a cute system likes," draws cute movement, "this person, always fashionable" if you think of a sophisticated race pattern. everyone, "it's such a pattern" and will be happy to show each other. i look at that sight and i am very happy.

[post-part] continued

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