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quality of the highest peak restaurant, casually experience. a rich "food" space with foodclub, aras. manager's takeshi shoho and chef's motaguchi kaguchi-san talks about the charm of the cutlery and the bowl.

On August 1, 2020, the members-only food hall "FOODCLUB" opened in the Cross Gate Kanazawa complex at the west exit of Kanazawa Station. FOOD CLUB is a space where you can enjoy high-end restaurant cuisine in a casual setting, and uses ARAS's practical and uniquely designed tableware and cutlery. We asked them about their products.

─ ─ Isn't it wonderful to be able to eat high-end restaurant cuisine in a casual setting while enjoying the company of others? We aimed to create such a space.


A food court in a shopping mall is a collection of restaurants formed by several existing restaurants, while a food hall is a space created by a collection of unique restaurants that have never existed before. The counter consists of two sections.

 The concept of OPENSAUCE, the company with which we are developing the project, is "FEEL MORE THAN EATING".

─ ─ We want to deliver something new, something more than eating, something that makes you feel happy. Our main guiding principle is to deliver such new values and enjoyable experiences to all people.

Basically, most of the Michelin stars are high-end restaurants. Their cuisine can only be enjoyed by a limited number of people. Our goal is to create a space where all people can have an enjoyable, delicious, and safe dining experience. FOODCLUB is the embodiment of this.

Background on the selection of ARAS

The comfort you feel when you touch the vessel.

The design of each piece.

Everything has been calculated to the utmost.

FOODCLUB has four kitchens: "Sushiya ROKU by ZENIYA", "Westward Ranch Salad & Meat HOUSE", "#HASH HASHED BEEF & RICE" and "Laboratoire L'aube SHOKO HIRASE". There will be booths. Each booth offers luxurious and sophisticated cuisine created by top chefs. ARAS serves as a flexible link between "luxury" and "casual," each with its own sense of distance. Poetic design and dependable practicality...


At FOODCLUB, professional service personnel do not serve food directly to customers, but customers themselves receive food from the kitchen booth and carry it to their seats. For example, if the dishes are served on porcelain, they may be dropped while being carried, and the customers may be injured by the broken dishes. Considering the safety and usability aspects, it was necessary to select a different type of serving utensil that was not porcelain.

At that time, we were introduced to ARAS by the people at secca, who are collaborating with us on the design of our restaurant. It is made of resin, but it is not just plastic. When they showed us the actual product, it felt wonderful in my hands and in actual use.


I think it is very easy to use. It is durable and looks good because of its shape. ARAS has several color patterns and a cute appearance. The bowl sushi dishes used at Sushiya ROKU by ZENIYA look cute with little pieces of sushi on them.

The plates used for salads at Westward Ranch Salad & Meat HOUSE utilize a wavy pattern to accentuate the lines while serving. The hashed beef plate "scoop" at #HASH HASHED BEEF & RICE was designed with the customer in mind.

We have also begun regularly serving pasta using these vessels. The unique dimples are ideal for serving and easily create a three-dimensional effect. Even pasta with a large amount of sauce can be thoroughly tossed in the bowl. Even the material has been thoughtfully designed to prevent the serving from falling apart. The design is unique, yet not too assertive, and harmonizes well with the food. I thought it was truly a vessel made for serving pasta.


In my professional life, I have seen many photos of restaurants and hotels, and the appeal of ARAS is that the food looks great in the photos. It is the design that brings out the appeal of the food. In addition, you can see that it has been calculated and created when you actually use it. It could be the ease of scooping hashbeef, or the way your finger hooks against the bottom of the bowl. What impressed me the most was the cutlery. I will never forget the feeling when I put the spoon in my mouth.

 As you can imagine, when you put the spoon in your mouth and look at it from the front, the two ends of the spoon hit your upper lip. ARAS handles this problem beautifully. The ARAS has a smooth feel in the mouth. You have to experience it to know for yourself. Customers also respond well when they use the spoon. It is light, easy to use, and carries well in the mouth. You can tell that the shape is calculated at a craftsman's level.


Scenery with ARAS

We asked them about "where ARAS can play an active role in the future" based on their actual sensations of using the system.


It seems to work well with innovative cuisine. It matches avant-garde cuisine. Of course, it is also cute when served in a city café terrace with white resin dishes. It's all-round. I am also planning to invent a pasta dish for FOODCLUB in the future, so I am looking forward to seeing which dish I will use.


I think ARAS will work best in spaces where luxury hotels serve buffets and breakfasts. Porcelain often breaks. Resin will not crack. At a buffet, you may see customers holding two or three plates. Every time this happens, I feel that they are heavy and dangerous. Since lightweight porcelain is limited to expensive items, it is difficult for those vessels to work at a buffet. aRAS would solve all such problems. It is attractive in terms of cost, and importantly, guests staying at luxury hotels tend to have sensitive antennae to sense the quality of things.

We often receive questions from guests regarding the cutlery, wine glasses, and utensils we use. Answering them is one of the hotelier's jobs; the details of ARAS are caught by those who actually touch them. If you are that kind of person, you might ask, "What's this dish?" and will ask questions to the hotel staff and hoteliers. This is where communication with customers begins. Dishes and cutlery function as communication tools.

A rich landscape with ARAS

The quality of the best restaurants

Casual experience.

High Hoe

These are the luxury dishes we serve in our high-end restaurants. We do not compromise the level of ingredients, nor do we cut corners with our chefs. Our desire is not to stop there, of course, but to give our guests the added bonus of "this is something new.

 What are those decorations on the ceiling?" "Why is this a circular booth?" Why are they using these plates and cutlery?" There's this thing called mobile ordering."

We would be happy if you feel something new, even if it is just one thing. Eating, of course, is one thing, but it is not the only thing. This is summed up in our concept, "FEEL MORE THAN EATING. Everything we offer comes down to that.

I believe that FOODCLUB is able to provide this "feeling" experience. It should resonate with the "something" you feel when you touch ARAS.

Experience the vessels and cutlery.

For those who have never held ARAS in their hands before, the scenery with ARAS, the texture and form, the nourishment, nourishment, and connotations. We would be happy if you could taste their charm.

If you are considering using ARAS in your restaurant or cafe,please click here.