ARAS1週間コーディネート。 日常の食卓から特別なシーンまで寄り添うARASの器。

aras 1 week coordination. aras bowls from everyday dining table to special scenes.

ARAS is a brand of tableware for daily use for those who are particular.

Some people consider ARAS tableware for special occasions because of its distinctive design developed to enhance the taste of food. However, because it is made of easy-to-use materials, we have planned a one-week coordination using ARAS's popular Wave platter to be used in a wide range of dining situations from morning to evening without hesitation.

This time, we asked @emi5perhonen to introduce even elaborate dishes such as lunch on a busy day, based on the concept of your daily life.

Day1. Morning plate for busy mornings

Busy weekday mornings with work and family preparations.

There is not enough time to take the time to make breakfast, serve it beautifully, and enjoy it slowly. We offer a one-plate breakfast experience that makes it easy to clean up and enjoy breakfast with just a little time and a little room in your heart.

Platter Wave Fork (white)

Since this is a breakfast dish, we used the brightest color, "white," to brighten up the appearance of the dish. The bread is topped with kumquat jam. By making homemade jam, you can make it as sweet as you like. This time, I took the stems off a large amount of kumquat and simmered them in sugar to make jam.

Day2. Simple pasta for teleworkers

Telework has become mainstream. It's time to take a break from your hard work. How about using ARAS with pasta that you can quickly and easily make at home?

Large platter with wave fork (pink-gray)

We used "pink gray," one of the grays that is similar in color to the desk below, to make the pasta stand out. In addition, by creating a blank space and serving the pasta in a smaller portion, we tried to balance the pasta with the nice shading of the plate.

Day3. Family Japanese plate

End the day with a warm and wholesome Japanese meal with family. We hope you will use ARAS while talking about the day's events.

Platter wave and chopsticks (black and gray)

The menu will consist of "rice balls with cooked corn," "fried horse mackerel," and "side dishes of mushrooms and vegetables. The calm Japanese impression is expressed in "black" and "gray" colors. The rice is cooked with corn, which is in season, and the kernel is also cooked in the rice. The aroma is very good, and the broth gives the rice a flavorful taste. Other times, vegetable broths such as onions are saved in the freezer and used to add flavor to the dish. Since it is the original part of the fruit, it is perfect when you want to add depth of flavor.

Day4. Slow brunch on a holiday

On holidays, it is nice to wake up a little later and think about what to eat. By taking a little more time than on weekdays and adding a little extra care, you can make your home cooking look like a wonderful café meal.

Platter wave, knife and fork (pink-gray)

The "pink-gray" bowl was used for open sandwiches with boule. To express a "relaxing holiday," we added a "purple" color. Purple cabbage sprouts are added to the open sandwich to accentuate the taste. We also serve "Purple Cabbage Rape" with nuts and raisins, and "Shiso Juice" made with our homemade shiso syrup. Red shiso is nutritious and perfect for summer, and it is easy to make with hot water, sugar, and salt, so please try it.

Day5. Petit party for entertaining

 How about a petit house party with family and friends on your day off? Use a platter wave, hors d'oeuvre style, so everyone can enjoy the meal time together.

▲Wave platter, knife, fork (white, black, gray, green-gray)

Since it was a petit party, we arranged "Truffle Pizza," "Sea Bream and Clam Aqua Pazza," "Steamed Mussels with Sake," "Parsley and Herb Salt Garnished Potatoes," and "White Wine. For the table arrangement, I arranged the sea anemone hydrangeas that were blooming in the garden. Yesterday, I also made a hydrangea protection for a year of good health.

Impressions on using ARAS

 At first, the image was luxurious and special. However, when I actually used it, I felt "the ease of handling the material" and "the good nuance when layering dishes. The cutlery also felt good in the mouth and was easy to stick due to its thin tip. I do not think it is necessary to keep such tableware as something special. For example, even ramen or yakisoba noodles feel good when used with a bowl that you like. I thought this dishware was perfect for such occasions.

I was satisfied even when I surrounded the dining table with ordinary dishes for an ordinary occasion. I feel that is exactly what life is all about.

 What do you think? We hope that ARAS can be a part of your daily life. We hope to continue to grow step by step to provide you with wonderful food experiences. Please take a look here as well.

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