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gold coexistence of medicine and food. a better life with medicine cuisine incorporated from everyday life.

People think that it is difficult to incorporate medicinal herbs into daily life. However, all ingredients have medicinal effects, and medicinal herbs can be easily incorporated into daily life. We interviewed Mr. Matsuyama, a Yakuzen Meister, about the coexistence of Yakuzen and food. He also created a yakuzen dish "Cold cappellini style somen noodles with scallops, yam and zucchini marinated in sudachi" using an ARAS deep-dish scoop and a spoon and fork, which we hope you will enjoy this summer.

What is medicinal herbs?

Simply put, all the foods we normally eat have an effect and are medicinal herbs. The most important thing is to eat what is in season. Because you can get the right benefits for the season, you can't go wrong if you eat summer vegetables and fish that can be caught at that time during summer. For example, in summer, there are many foods that cool the body and lower the heat that is trapped inside. If you eat summer vegetables in the winter, they will lower the heat in your body and make you cold. Since many winter vegetables warm the body, it is recommended to eat winter vegetables in winter.

The concept of medicinal herbs itself is a way of thinking about everyday food.

Although the term "medicinal herbs" may sound difficult, the meals themselves are medicinal herbs. For example, yam is used as a medicine, and ginger and mandarin orange peels are examples. Bitter medicines and Chinese herbs are good for the body, but yakuzen is an image that you can take something tasty and good for the body with a meal. By being aware of yakuzen, you can become healthier and better for your body just by incorporating a few things from your daily diet. For example, just a little sprinkle of sesame seeds in your daily diet will give you the nutritional benefits of sesame seeds, which are effective in preventing aging.

If you take sesame as a medicine, it will be bitter, but if you take it as a meal, it will be tasty and healthy, so in my mind, it is like eating medicine or food medicine. It is not really Chinese herbal medicine, but simply eating seasonal ingredients on a regular basis is a form of medicinal herbs.

Seasonal ingredients for this dish as well.

Scallops are just at the right time of year to be delicious. Scallops are very good for the body as they are a tonic and energizing food for the summer heat. They are rich in taurine and protein and low in calories, so they are like eating vitamins. Zucchini cools the body's heat, and yams boost the immune system. Sudachi (Japanese citrus fruit) is very good for the body during this hot season. I first thought of using vinegar or lemon to add acidity, but I decided to use sudachi because it is a superfood that not only relieves fatigue and acts as an antioxidant, but is also good for beauty and weight loss.

Reasons for choosing this dish

The moment I saw ARAS, I was surprised at how lightweight it was, even though it looked like very stylish and solid tableware. When I thought about what to put on this luxurious plate, I first thought of using tomatoes and shiso, but when I went shopping for ingredients, I found delicious scallops that were in season, so I decided to use scallops, zucchini, and sudachi for cappellini-style somen noodles. The scallops, zucchini, and sudachi gave the dish a beautiful green and white color that stood out, so I wanted to use black and white plates for easy contrast so that the dish as a whole would stand out.

Impressions of using ARAS

I have children, so I thought it would be easier to use than plates that break. We have a large family, so there is a lot of washing up to do, but I am glad that the dishes are easy to wash because they are light and I don't have to worry about them breaking. It is also easy to put away without any stress, so I felt comfortable using it. What I also thought was great was that they could be stacked. With a large family, it is very difficult to store them, so I am relieved that they can be stacked and are unbreakable. I think people with children would also appreciate it. I looked for a lot of things, but all I could find were catchy things, and I thought it would be nice to have something cool and easy to use for children. Especially since children make a lot of mess, it would be very nice if it didn't make noise. If it is breakable, they might drop it while looking away, so I have to be careful even if unconsciously.

It looks like a luxury plate when you take a picture of it, and you can also serve simple dishes in a stylish way, so even if you are alone and want to have a simple lunch, just serving it on the ARAS will make you feel better.

※Photographs in white and green-gray

Matsuyama's idea of a better life

I want to cook healthy and delicious food for my family. ARAS is easy to wash, unbreakable, stackable, but looks like it came from a restaurant, so it is easy to use, easy to use, stress-free, and gives me a spiritual lift. I think it is. As with cooking, using seasonal ingredients and thinking about the effects of medicinal herbs, even though they are simple, can improve your health and make your way of thinking more positive and improve your life. I would be happy if you could make yakuzen dishes by comparing them with your physical condition and mood, or if you could check the effects of yakuzen on the food you ate today and think that it was good for your body even if you ate a little too much on a day you had a bad day.

 Please try making cappellini-style somen noodles with plenty of seasonal summer ingredients.

0 Ingredients (2 to 3 servings)

200 g scallops (for sashimi)

1 zucchini (150 g net)

100 g net yam

200 g somen noodles (dried)

1 or 2 pieces of sudachi (Citrus sudachi)

A: 2 tablespoons each of mentsuyu (3 times concentrated) and olive oil

A: 2 teaspoons sugar

A: 1 teaspoon kelp tea

A: Salt and pepper, very little

1 tablespoon men-tsuyu

Olive oil to taste

How to make


Cut scallops in half if large.

Slice zucchini thinly.

Cut sudachi into round slices. (Remove seeds as much as possible).

Peel yams and cut into thin half-moon slices.

Put scallops, zucchini, yam, sudachi and A in a plastic bag, mix, remove air as much as possible, tie the bag and put it in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes.

Boil the somen noodles according to the directions on the package, then blanch them in iced water and drain thoroughly.

Put ① and somen noodles in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of mentsuyu and mix well.


Herbal Benefits

Scallops ... Nourishing and tonic, anti-aging, recovery of eyesight, dizziness, and nervousness

Zucchini... Removes excess heat, moistens thirst and dryness of the lungs

Yams... Prevention of diabetes, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, for anorexia, tonic, anti-aging, recovery from fatigue, immunity enhancement

Sudachi: For digestion, appetite, thirst, dry skin, and fatigue.

Olive oil: For constipation, dry skin, coughs and sore throats

One Point Advice.

Cool the somen noodles in ice water.

Remove the seeds of sudachi (Citrus sudachi), otherwise it will taste bitter. If you do not have sudachi, you can use lemon or vinegar.

Use 3 times concentrated mentsuyu.

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