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デザートで華やぐARAS小皿スロープ。Restaurant L’aubeシェフパティシエの平瀬祥子さんによるファッショナブルな盛り付け。自分の「好き」は、気分を高めてくれる魔法。【後編】

aras small dish slope with a dessert. restaurant l'aubee chef patissier's fashionable seeds with hirase shoko. my "i like" is a magic that makes you feel better. 【after part】

continue to the restaurant l'aube restaurant l'aube secca inc. secca inc. secca inc. secca inc. tatsuya's talks, then part of the part

"hirase shoko"

hotel new otani kumamoto to the cooking world. 2003 new year buddha. paris start training with the oldest patisserie store, 2 years later, in the suschev of patisserie pascalpino paris. eiffel toyo's chef patissier in toyo, restaurant, jurvern paris. 2011 an annual country. edition koji shimura, restaurant each chef patati. 2016 annual chef imabu kohei nakabashi and restaurant robe opening. 2018 year version ~ 2020 year version michelin one star acquired. 2020 award winner of go e miyo best patisser award.

honestly to my "i like".

as it is in the case of the sensibility, hirase sorts the dessert, honestly. sometimes like to enjoy the scenery when you enjoy the fashion sometimes, sometimes the mood of the artist and sometimes it gives a gift to the important person. it brightens the heart of the person who sees like magic.

-y-just looking at the dessert filled with mr. heisei, the mood is exhalamed. please tell us about the advice on "seirai you can enjoy at home" from the perspective of mr. heisei, what is conscious in sorting.

sweets is more decorated than cooking. so i think that a woman is close to making a dress, choosing clothes, and fashionable. it is also good to put the material and taste in the plain state, but it is also important to enjoy fashion like fashion. it is determined by a total balance that each part (food) fits the plate.

cheese cake, cranberries, and pink gray instruments, each color combination is just the way of thinking. furthermore, the sprinkled pepper is accented to either flavor and visual. the combination of pepper in cheesecake does not come back to us.

<< dessert 'frame and grasp as "cooking" can see various solutions. the idea of ​​patisier and the cook is totally different. i had a long restaurant experience, so that thinking is affecting. "if the dessert finish is heavy, if the dessert finish is heavy, if it is said that the dessert finish is heavy?" how to accent? advice such as "trying a truffle?" is returned one after another. in the conversation with the cook, such an idea has become everyday. if you try to summarize only the material that matches sweets, you probably do not have my own individuality. i think it will be a so-called "normal" dessert. more freedom.

mr. hirase is tasted and it is reflected in filling. rather than sorting the correct answer, it looks like you can handle spices to search for the taste of "your favorite" and to find the taste of "your favorite".

everyone, "i think it is sortless. somehow, "i'm going to put a cream in chiffon cake and put a mint."

"if you decorate mint", the idea is that it will be. all sorting will be the same shape. herbs such as mint are decorated if it is a tasteful taste, but otherwise it does not decorate

tuning to the new "self-want". gateau chocolat is covered on the fresh cream of the 2 type, but it is strongly related to the flavor, but its shaping is an accent of the built-in. i feel the beauty that visualized the taste of the flavor as it is.

imagine "you"

when it comes to hospitality, if you are a person who is not good at the other party, you will be able to use spices to fit alcohol. conversely, people who love sweet ones will carry fresh cream. it may be fun to arrange at the points "who eats". then, the same cake will change a little.

when i was in macaroon, i was saying that i was given a pattern to suit the customer. there are tips for selling of every one of them.

when i lived in my home, when i eat mother's hand food in a table, the family of each family was color-coded. at the time of new year, the chopstick rest is different. my father is this color and my sister likes this color. i fought in such a home, so i think that there is a color that you like to nature and anyone somehow.

in the shop, you may choose a tint to suit the person, such as "i like bright colors because you like bright colors". in french, there is an implicit rule that "the same table people must take the same plate", but i'm in the visible distance of the customer, so it is also possible to choose a color that the person seems to be delighted i feel like i'm looking forward to it. it is a consciousness of the house.

"i was happy that my mother was happy to have chosen for myself". how to choose a bowl at the time of "hotting". when you go to the customer, add memories and impressions with that person. it is also one gift to choose a color, thinking that it is a communication tool that only knows "i" and "you".

color fun

this instrument has a theme of "dishes easy to use at home". i thought it would be better to have a more time to eat dessert, more funny and more fun. surprisingly, it doesn't have a sticker when eating dessert at home. cup & sorcer's bowls may be put on a cake. because there is a step, the cake is distorted and can not be cleaned in the fork. after solving those challenges, it is a small dish slope that emphasizes to see and enjoy.

this time, there was a lot of discoveries in color use in hirase's dessert and bowl relationship. i usually choose a simple bowl such as white and black, but i can not enjoy the color more colors. among them, i would be glad to hear how to use the color of the bowl.

it is very easy to use, so it may be served at home or this bowl. at first, a pink gray plate was hard to handle, but i am looking for attachment while using it. recently, i was scattered with a burner with a burner, and scattered the chrysanthemum flower from the top, but the yellowish colored color and yellow of chrysanthemum petals are shown in a pink gray dish it was very beautiful. if you use it for a long time, you will be fun to see different shades. for example, the surface such as cream brullle is focused on the colored color, and it feels good with the autumn ingredients. while continuing to use a bowl with a colored taste, you can see the dishes that look like. from there, the prosperity will be fun.

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